Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Workouts

I use the Map My Run app on my phone to log all of my workouts -- walks, boot camp, cardio. Everything. Every week, they email me a workout summary. On the first of each month, they send a summary of the previous month's workouts. Yesterday, I received my monthly summary email:

This doesn't seem like a bad total, but I know I can do better. I wish I had kept all of my previous monthly summaries so I could compare what I do now to what I was able to do before my knee injury.

For October, I am going to set my goal at 50 miles for the month. It's time to get off my butt and get moving again. This is the time of year that I love to walk. I enjoy the feeling of the cool air on my face as my body warms up from the workout.

With kids, it can be difficult to get my walks in, My oldest has a job now, and is also involved with drama club rehearsals so she's not there to watch the other two kids while I walk. For now, the weather is decent enough that I can make them walk with me.

As it gets cooler, I will have to find another way. I could go to the YMCA and use the treadmill, but I loathe walking on the treadmill. For one thing, I find it extremely BORING! For another, I am paranoid about falling on the treadmill. I saw it happen to a guy once while he was running. He got up and got back on, but I would probably break an arm or leg or something.

So 50 miles in October. That's my goal. I will get it done, one way or another.

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